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Sometimes, you never know where a simple smile or conversation may lead. A few years ago, during my daily beach walk, which I enjoy as a brief interlude between handcrafting jewellery, I spotted Sarah strolling with her family and her dog. We gave each other a shy little smile and got talking. Sarah and I were immediately drawn to each other in a form of mutual fascination. It was an instant interest with one another’s creative energy that led to our friendship and a great bond has been forged ever since.

I soon discovered that Sarah is another Australian designer, like myself, but in the form of creating incredible spaces. Sarah Thompson is the head designer and owner of Sarah Wood Designs and her natural style is evident upon visiting the incredible home that she built with her builder husband, Matt. The perfectly complimentary duo of Sarah, with the vision and Matt, with the talents to execute Sarah’s concepts.

Sarah invited me into her Sunshine Coast home, which is far from being any ordinary house – it unequivocally oozes style and warmth and soul. Sarah has an innate understanding that design is about something deeper than aesthetics. She has an intuitive ability to tap into what brings people joy across their daily lives and is a genius in generating uniquely beautiful and unexpected feelings in the home through considerate design.

After having built six houses with her husband over the last twelve years, Sarah really knows her way around how to create a magnificent, yet functional home. Recently, the Thompsons made the migration to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney, via Melbourne, after being drawn to the Coast’s physically spectacular location and relaxed lifestyle. Together, the couple have created something that is truly special in the form of their Dicky Beach home which invokes an intent of a slower pace to live.

Sarah recently welcomed us into her beautiful coastal sanctuary and shared some insight into her creative vision and what it is that makes her heart beat.


My passion is creating beautiful spaces that evoke a sense of bliss within your personal environment.


I’m born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini and the proud mother of two boys. I’m a creative thinker and a lover of beautiful things. I’m spiritual, adore connection and pride myself on being highly intuitive. I am an experienced designer, renovator and decorator.


I design and construct beautiful, considered, functional homes, whether it be new builds or renovations. I help clients select fixtures and finishes and create spaces that suit their lifestyle and their aesthetic. I create flow in people’s lives by intuitively feeling into their taste, their dreams, their wants and completely tapping into what makes their heart sing.


I am inspired by unique and beautiful lighting. The entry lights and travertine flooring were the first pieces chosen for the home, I had a lot of fun building a palette of stunning textural finishes and colours around the lighting. Travertine and teak were integral components to the overall design.



In my home, the master bedroom ensuite is a favourite, plus I love the textural seagrass wallpaper on the wardrobe doors. The internal courtyard and light filled ensuite opening to the natural environment is divine. Another favourite is the beautiful aspect to the pool and outdoor courtyard, with the north easterly breeze blowing on the sheer curtains.


I chose all my stone for the kitchen and ensuite only to find out a few days before the stone was to be cut, that my selection had been discontinued and they couldn’t fulfil the order. Because of this, we had to make a last minute design decision and went with a micro cement island bench. The result is one of my favourite elements of the kitchen and one I really wanted at the start of the design process, but couldn’t convince my husband on. The colour, texture and feel is one of a kind and suits the house perfectly.


Drawing inspiration from stone, tiling, colour and natural materials, I also like to bring the outdoors in with large glass windows and creating light filled bathrooms. Beautiful gardens and landscaping are a must. I love the abundance of textural elements that flow through from the ornate Egyptian front door to the travertine flooring, micro cement island, the stunning Italian splash back tiles to the leather finish of the Dolce Vita granite kitchen bench.


I love connecting with clients, but there is something very special about designing your own home with a blank canvas. Usually, having to adhere to a strict budget or having tradesmen who don’t see your vision can hold you back. I am lucky to work closely with my husband, Matt, a builder. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in construction and design.



Zainab Earrings + Sarah wears the Robiah Necklace


Sarah’s home truly embraces the definition of relaxed. Where natural tones fuse with a variety of textural elements creating a luxurious, yet unpretentious environment that perfectly reflects Sarah’s personality.



In an additional serendipitous encounter, Sarah enlisted a photographer friend of hers, Lindy Smith to capture her home. Lindy and I soon discovered we had been living very parallel lives, but never had met. Growing up in the same neighbourhood and having attended the same school, Lindy and I share a number of mutual friends. Again, we connected in this unanticipated moment because of Sarah. It’s amazing to think that it all started from a simple smile.


Photography by Lindy Storee Smith


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